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What can they do to me? While almost unknown outside Argentina before , his stories, punctilious in their language and mysterious in their opaque parodoxes, later attained a modest following in the United States, a following that grew steadily to international proportions. Borges was married for the first time, to a childhood sweetheart, Elsa Astete Millan, the widow of a friend. Contemplation, not Silence, my weapon. In John Updike wrote that Mr. Bustos Domecq. Nobody tells you but you go hopping across the world to hoard religious dockets.

Borges once described the ''Chronicles'' of Bustos in ''These are articles written on imaginary, extravagantly modern artists - architects, sculptors, painters, chefs, poets, novelists, couturiers - by a devotedly modern critic. You are slowly getting my point. Borges received his degree in Geneva, his family moved to Spain for a year, and it was there that his first poem was published.

But both the author and his subjects are fools, and it is hard to tell who is taking in whom.

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By the time I wrote 'The Aleph'I was convinced that the sprawling body of this universe belonged to a single soul and each one of us, if patient and earnest, can earn the privilege of viewing it atleast once in our lifetime.

The ''real beginning'' of his career came, Mr.

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Yet in a conscious snub to Argentine nationalism, he chose to die in Geneva. I with a slight smirk : You surprise me; you really do.

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Borges died of liver cancer, the executor of his estate, Osvaldo Luis Vidaurre, said in Buenos Aires.

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