An analysis of the morally correct way to live

Rather than thinking about what it is to flourish and live well, moral philosophers, it is argued, became focused on a different set of notions: obligation, duty, and law.

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And I have to earn a living somehow. The choice to think means a voluntary commitment to existence—the facts of reality—as a standard of knowledge. This change, Aristotle indicates, is caused to occur in us. But happiness is something we value not as a means to some other end but for its own sake.

Thoughts of suicide are common among depressed patients, so common that they are used as a diagnostic criterion.

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So I try to know as much as I can to help me empathise. How did it feel to get your first paycheck?


The choice to live and the objectivity of values III. The community that did matter to the Stoics was cosmic. The intrinsic value of the virtues: following the standard interpretation of the role of the ethical virtues with regard to living a good life, Aristotle argues in the Nicomachean Ethics EN X, 6—9 that these virtues are somewhat less important when it comes to the overall goal, that is, happiness of living a good life. Grotius acknowledged that one may develop emotional habits that support right action, but he thought this was a matter of having reason control passions and emotions so that they do not interfere with right action. And, finally, these deliberations will be organized democratically so that the opinions of each worker are fairly taken into account. Socrates can be seen as the initial ignition of a broad variety of diverse virtue ethical approaches such as cynicism, the teachings of the Cyrenaics, Aristotelianism, epicureanism, and stoicism. They propose that virtues are analogous to some skills, in that the kind of habituation involved in developing and acting from virtuous character is like the sort of intelligent habituation typical of the development and exercise of some complex skills. Thus it matters to Kant that we perform the duties of virtue with the properly cultivated emotions.

Jimmy Saville may have enjoyed his life.

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Modern Morality and Ancient Ethics