A review of the fast spreading of the sport of snowboarding

You shouldnt ride the same surfboard for every wave or every day, says Christenson.

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The next season Wolken ran into Finnish Gentem riders Janne Hinkkanen, Timo Paarvala, and Ile Eronen borrowed a Mantaray from them, and was even more impressed with how the board behaved in powder. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck? I couldnt connect with them. Alex Yoder. Laax, Switzerland. Glide is key in surfing, where its often difficult to get as much speed as you want on a wave. The kids that I was filming with were so into parks and rails that I was out of place. Wide heelside on the Gentem TT. A zero-camber deck with an meter sidecut radius, six-millimeter taper, and set back How they flow on waves and stuff definitely translates into my snowboarding, but thats just one source of inspiration. For the Storm Chaser, we wanted something with a lot of surface area, especially in the nose, says Forrest Shearer, who tested the board in Niseko last winter.

Surfing was so cookie cutter in the earlys. We wanted to have super wide boards that carved well on the slopes, says Wolken.

Wide heelside on the Gentem TT. It was a really cool feeling to be railing that hard, that fast down a relatively mellow slope, the board just letting you know what to do. Its not about getting from point A to point B in the shortest way possible, but trying to connect the dots in the smoothest way possible, using the terrain and gravity to get as much energy and speed to do a certain maneuver. As they started riding together more, he was introduced to others that wanted to move beyond the park, including Eric Messier, whos become one of Thompsons tightest friends and a fellow Sierra Surfer. After looking at the prices of Feel The Earth, Gentem, and Moss boards in Europe, which he says were between 1, and 1, euros per deck, he also knew they needed a cheaper option that didnt compromise quality. Its a three-dimensional base shape for more three-dimensional riding. From that I get inspiration for how to use the whole board, not just the tail, for example, but the whole body to twist the torsion and the flex to get as much energy as possible from the board and the slope.

Tamai had seen Wintersticks Aprils Footage, where riders gained speed by playing with gravity, as he puts it, but werent yet drawing carves or making big turns. Bachelors barren volcanic peak and the thick hemlock and pine forest that circles below.

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And Ive looked a lot into surfboard design. It uses its whole body to make sharp turns.

A review of the fast spreading of the sport of snowboarding

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Its an opportunity to play with gravity and really interact with the natural world, he says.

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