A biography of lester pearson the organizer of united nations emergency force to resolve the suez ca

An important clue lay in the flow of illicit arms.

A biography of lester pearson the organizer of united nations emergency force to resolve the suez ca

They claimed to have no hostile intentions Cliffe , International Peacekeeping 2, no. In addition, when violence breaks out visual monitoring may become exceedingly dangerous Dorn In reality, the situation was well under control and further escalation was unlikely Cliffe , Pearson, vol. Canada, Britain, and the United States continued behind-the-scenes efforts at the UN to push through an Israeli-friendly Security Council resolution that contravened Arab rights and demands. A joint commission of Angolan, Cuban, and South African representatives agreed to a withdrawal procedure which began on April 9. UN Doc.

The Rwanda Crisis: History of a Genocide. Moreover, the globalization of intelligence—information not just for peacekeeping and conflict resolution but also to deal with weapons proliferation, drugs, and crime—is something all nations, and especially the most powerful ones, need to consider.

Though the quality of JMACs varies considerably between PKOs, they all possess analytical teams tasked with producing balanced, timely, and systematically verified information to support ongoing operations and senior policymakers, especially the mission head, who is usually a special representative of the secretary-general SRSG.

In its campaign against Katangese mercenary forces, ONUC carried out air attacks, even dropping bombs. The only time when the secretary-general can claim special privilege is if he possesses information unavailable to the major powers, or unreleased by them, that can move them to action.


This intervention by the secretary-general, using information corroborated by an objective source UNCOKhelped convince otherwise skeptical delegates to vote for the Council resolutions to restrain and later to repel the North Korean forces Lie— Canada was not as special as its Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister, Pierre Berton, and many other Canadians thought.

Such personnel were almost entirely from the developed world which alone could afford to pay their salaries to live in New York. Here again, in Namibia, the lesson about the need for intelligence was hard won. London: Cassell. The fact remains that intelligence support is much greater when a nation's own troops are deployed.

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Smith, H. Doyle, M.

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