A biography of ferdinand magellan the first person to sail around the earth

He left Spain in with five ships and about men.

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Today it is called the Straits of Magellan. Based on the incomplete understanding of world geography at the time, Magellan expected a short journey to Asia, perhaps taking as little as three or four days. He hoped to find a passage through South America so that he could sail all the way from the Atlantic to the ocean beyond the Americas now known as the Pacific. During the winter, one of the fleet's ships, the Santiago, was lost in a storm while surveying nearby waters, though no men were killed. People were amazed when they saw those on board the one remaining ship, Victoria, for they looked starved and filthy. If he ever returned to his homeland, then Enrique may deserve the true credit for being the first person to circumnavigate globe. The other eleven men remained behind to guard the boats. Europeans had reached the Spice Islands by sailing east, but none had yet to sail west from Europe to reach the other side of the globe. Early in Magellan renewed his petition; the king, refusing once more, told him he might offer his services elsewhere. Voyage of circumnavigation See also: Timeline of the Magellan—Elcano circumnavigation Background and preparations Victoria , the sole ship of Magellan's fleet to complete the circumnavigation. Magellan set about converting the locals to Christianity. His wife died in Seville around His name has also since been applied to a variety of other entities , including the Magellanic Clouds two dwarf galaxies visible in the night sky of the southern hemisphere , Project Magellan a Cold-War era US Navy project to circumnavigate the world by submarine , and NASA's Magellan spacecraft. In he entered the service of Manuel I , John's successor.

Then, trying to lay hand on sword, he could draw it out but halfway, because he had been wounded in the arm with a bamboo spear.

The fleet left the Philippines following a bloody betrayal by former ally Rajah Humabon and eventually made their way to the Moluccas in November When they saw us, they charged down upon us with exceeding loud cries From Spain, the fleet sailed to Brazil and then headed south, hugging the coast.

Young King Charles I readily approved and financed the expedition.

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Magellan found the strait that is now named after him, but only by chance. It was used to flavor food, but Europeans also believed that its essence could improve vision, its powder could relieve fevers, and mixed with milk it could enhance intercourse.

In after a quarrel with King Manuel Iwho denied his persistent demands to lead an expedition to reach the spice islands from the east i.

A biography of ferdinand magellan the first person to sail around the earth

Journey in the Atlantic On Aug. Magellan's ship Victoria by Ortelius Mutiny As Magellan's ships sailed south the weather turned bad and cold. He quelled the uprising, killing one captain and leaving another behind. The first European to complete the circumnavigation was Magellan's second-in-command, Juan Sebastian de Elcano, who took over after his death. So, it is possible that if Enrique had survived after his escape, he might have made his way back to Malacca where he was originally enslaved by Magellan back in Pacific Ocean After 38 days on the strait, the fleet finally emerged at the Pacific Ocean in November From there, they sailed south along the coast, searching for a way through or around the continent. After securing the spices they had so long ago set out for, the ships set sail for Spain. He also sent the Santiago ahead to scout, but it was shipwrecked. He wanted to reach South-East Asia, where spices grew and gems were to be found, by sailing westwards across the Atlantic Ocean. Following his death, Magellan was initially succeeded by co-commanders Juan Serrano and Duarte Barbosa with a series of other officers later leading. Magellan barely managed to quell the mutiny, despite at one point losing control of three of his five ships to the mutineers.
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