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It takes all my knowledge of music, dance, theatre and acting to be able to direct a movie. It was these influential filmmakers who paved the pathway for the future of Bollywood, and its present day position as one of the largest film industries in the world.

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Now that we have our new Copyright Law the Copyright Amendment Act , we know that when we create something we are going to get a return on it. I write lots of short stories, because you never know when one will trigger an idea for a screenplay. Save to Wishlist. How would you like to see Indian cinema evolve? She has also acted in a number of international productions. People need to understand that piracy is a crime. It was the third highest-grossing film in India in and the highest grosser overseas.

But digital technology is helping filmmakers in other ways, because it makes it easier to make movies. My next movie will be different again. This Hindi film which stars Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi in the lead roles provides comic relief through its story and performances.

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Asia years of Bollywood: The milestones The first Indian film was directed years ago. World class hits: A. I came from a very small town, so my main influences are Indian literature and the films of Satyajit Ray. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a coming-of-age film based in Spain, which can be easily understood without subtitles. What is the impact of digital technologies? Two photographers take on a project with a tabloid to expose the dealings between a builder and a Municipal commissioner. In recent years all Indian film genres have done well, and our films are increasingly respected at international film festivals.

The Australian specialized in action films but she also became an icon of India's fight for independence and a symbol of women's emancipation.

Making a film in India is tough.

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Unveiling their first short films inthese revolutionary filmmakers tempted the world with a new form of entertainment. Actress Nargis, who also starred in many films by Raj Kapoor, played the leading role of Radha, who, despite bitter poverty and social injustice, is a strong woman and an even stronger mother.

At present we are catering to the Indian diaspora and, beyond that, we are not well known but want to be recognized more widely because we know we are talented. Save to Wishlist.

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The current practice of waiting three or four months before releasing them makes no sense.

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